How Much Sleep?

In today’s world of school, homework, work, extra-curricular activities and all the rest that life has to offer, it seems as if there’s just not enough time in the day (or night!). It’s difficult to get a good balance, but it’s so important for a child’s success. I’ve been reading tons of articles lately on the similarities between Overtiredness and ADHD and the fact that the symptoms are nearly identical. If you’re not sure how much sleep your little one should be getting in a 24 hour period (night sleep + nap sleep) – here are some guidelines from the National Sleep Foundation:

Newborns (0-3mo)…….14-17 hours
Infants (4-11mo)………..12-15 hours
Toddlers (1-2yrs)………..11-14 hours
Preschool (3-5yrs)………10-13 hours
School Age (6-13yrs)……9-11 hours

That really means that a kindergartner should be sleeping from 7pm till 7am, since a child’s body clock is naturally set to this kind of a schedule – 12 hours of daytime, and 12 hours of nighttime.  This really doesn’t leave a lot of time for extras if you want your little to have their best school experience.

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