Who I am

Carol Breslin


I’m a certified sleep consultant with 35 years of childcare experience. During this time, I focused on helping raise great kids and strengthening the parent/child bond. I’ve cared for children, and by extension, families with a wide range of needs in both private and center environments. I’ve raised 5 children of my own and am currently expecting my first grandchild.

I’ve seen so many families struggle with a lack of sleep because their children just don’t sleep well. I admit that I was one of those moms, and it was the opposite of fun! Looking back, I was a college educated childcare professional and a mom who didn’t know much about the harmful long-term effects of sleep deprivation. There were no sleep consultants – only books that frankly didn’t work and were cumbersome and confusing.

The real flaw with all the books and expert advice is that the only true expert on your child is YOU. Unlike the books, I am a living, breathing person who will truly listen as you share your knowledge of your child’s needs, quirks and sleep habits. I will take that knowledge and combine it with my own expertise to create a customized sleep plan that will get your child the sleep they need and the peace your family deserves.

When I think about the relationship that we’ll have, I think of the song “Lean on Me” by Bill Withers…I’ve been the parent that needed someone to lean on, and I can’t tell you how thankful I was for those people willing to prop me up when I was tired and weak. If you think your story will blow me away or surprise me in any way, please know that I’ve heard, seen and lived them all. I’m here for you – just give me a call and Leave the Rest to Carol.

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